Weight Management

Are you feeling overweight, sluggish and worried about your BMI?  Are you a yo-yo dieter that switches from one diet to another? Often we think we’re making healthy choices but are actually not choosing foods for optimum nutrition.

At Sarah Zorab Nutrition, we support individuals to adopt a sensible eating plan, which allows sustainable long-term weight loss. In your sessions with Sarah, she will educate you so that you are informed about different food groups and what happens in your body when you eat and drink.

We also aim to get you eating real food rather than too many ’ready meals’, takeaways and supplements. We want you to become more involved in making correct food choices that will lead to weight loss and more energy.

On the other hand, you may feel that you (or a family member) are not adequately nourishing your body, and are under-weight.  Our busy and demanding lifestyles need fuelling and with some practical, sensitive advice and suggestions, you will understand how you can sufficiently nourish your body and mind, without the concern of adding too many calories to your diet.